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[cdt-dev] CDT and Faceted Project Framework

CDT Team,


Some of you may have noticed the project declaration e-mail for the Faceted Project Framework. I’d like to take a few moments to explicitly reach out to the CDT community in order to explore adoption possibilities.


So what is Faceted Project Framework? It is a technology that was developed in Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) project to make it easier for third parties building tools on top of WTP to extend WTP projects. For those familiar with project natures, facets can be thought of as natures that users can easily add and remove via provided UI. Prior to creation of this framework, third parties that extended WTP often created custom project wizards or “Enable function X” actions. The framework significantly reduced the amount of work that was necessary in order to extend WTP projects and improved user experience by providing common way for managing project extensions.


So what does this have to do with CDT? Well, the goal for creating the independent Faceted Project Framework project is to encourage broader adoption by making it easier and more natural for other parties to consume this technology. Is there any interest on the part of the CDT team to investigate adopting this technology in order to make it easier for people to build on top of CDT? I am hoping that I can interest several projects to get involved early on in order to validate the generality of API and to make sure that use cases that have not come up in the context of WTP are addressed.


You can get a pretty good overview of the framework by scanning through the referenced tutorial.


Project Proposal:




Thanks for your time,


- Konstantin



Konstantin Komissarchik | Consulting Member of Technical Staff
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Oracle Eclipse Tooling
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