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[cdt-dev] Code completion problem

I am developing a project against a library that i develop in parallel.
My problem is in my project the code completion is not working for
changes that i make in header files of library, while the program
compiles correctly.
Let me give an example to make clear the problem.

Let have a header file in library that exists befor i start a new project.
Header file in library

class foo
public :
    void func1(void);
// I add the following line after i have start a new project
    void func2(void);

Now in my project i try to use those functions

#include <'path to library'/foo.hpp>

foo f;

when i write:
A popup appears with selections for completion contains func1 but not func2

If i rename the header file then it works, but after the next change in
header i have to rename it again, not a usefull work around.
Note: that there is no problem in compilation and not warnings in code
(yellow line) just not help me to write the code.

Thank you in advance
Charalampos Alexopoulos

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