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Re: [cdt-dev] Mapping a name to include statement

Well, Tom, this is the exactly the same task I'm assigned to right now :-)
The idea is to mark top-level includes as 'referred' or 'not referred'
from the translation unit body.
Such kind of analysis should also be applied for header files, since
they can also include unnecessary files.
I'm not going to automate the removing of the problematic area, I
suppose developers (owners) should take a look at the analysis results
and decide the best way.

2008/10/30 Tom Ball <tball@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Good question.  I'm interested in the answer for the opposite reason,
> to find unnecessarily included files so the include statements can be
> removed.  It should be possible to open the include file as a separate
> compilation unit to compare its declarations to the target file's, but
> hopefully there is an easier alternative.
> Tom

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