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RE: [cdt-dev] Mapping a name to include statement

A short note on the problem you defined:
- a reference in a source-file may be declared multiple times, so there
  no mapping from references to a declaration, however each reference
  a list of declarations.
- a header file indirectly included can be included via different paths
  the graph of inclusions. So you cannot map a declaration to a single
  statement, however each declaration can be associated with a list of

For this sort of analysis you could purly rely on the index, you can
follow the 
include-hierarchy and you can find all declarations for a reference.
Here is 
what you need:
* IIndex.findIncludes(IIndexFile)
* IIndex.findBinding(IName)
* IIndex.findNames(IBinding)
* IIndexName.getFile()


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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Mapping a name to include statement
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> Hi,
> I need to perform some analisys of inclusions in C files. 
> Particulary, I need to find out whether any declaration or 
> definition of top-level included file (or its sub-includes) 
> is used in the translation unit.
> What is the best way for this?
> I'm going to visit all the names in the root translation 
> unit, find all the declarations and definitions of this name (with
> getDeclarationsInAST()) and check whether these declarations 
> are from includes.
> The last step is something unclear for me.
> How can figure out that some name is declared/defined in the 
> context of top-level include?
> Some small example (in case my description was unclear)
> test.h:
> ------------------
> int value;
> test2.h
> -----------------------
> #include "test.h"
> test.c
> ---------------------------
> int main()
> {
>   value = 10;
> }
> I need to figure out that 'value' was defined in context of 
> test2.h inclusion.
> Dmitry
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