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RE: [cdt-dev] Project Preference Store

Yes, there are many ways of doing trees in a property set. You could use
qualifiers or paths in keys as well.

I guess my hope was that it would be good enough to get out of the
setting store business. The less time we spend on figuring out how to
store build settings, the more we can spend on cleaning up some of the
more serious issues we have, like redoing scanner discovery.


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> > There are a couple of issues I can forsee with this:
> > - How do you handle ICSettingsStorage ICStoargeElement trees ?
> >  Currently everything is stored in a tree. Key / Value preferences 
> > aren't really a suitable replacement (and I think storing 
> xml trees in 
> > values will make version control even harder...)
> Taking a look at IEclipsePreferences more closely, they can 
> represent a tree like store.. So that objection goes out the 
> window :)...
> My aim with my current work is to allow any tree based 
> storage to be used for persisting the model -- so something 
> like this would plug-in nicely with (hopefully) little effort.
> James
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