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Re: [cdt-dev] Caching of AST units

The reason why I need the AST is that I deal a lot with macro(s). It
looks like index does not allow this. Most of the problems I had
encountered were posted here.
I'm afraid I cannot wait for indexer support due to my project timeframe.

BTW, I'm considering the JCS as a cache implementation
( I suppose I will be able
to limit the memory consumed by cached units (at least the number of
units in the cache).


2008/10/21 Schorn, Markus <Markus.Schorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dimitry,
> If you need to create IASTTranslationUnits for a lot of files you need
> to
> make sure that you do not hold on to all of these objects, that would
> consume
> a lot of memory. E.g. the rename refactoring disposes the AST for a file
> before
> processing the next file.
> There is no caching of ASTs, and I don't think there should be. It is
> the indexer's
> task to collect information and to store it in the index for use by
> clients. In
> case you have resonable requirements, the index can be enhanced.
> Otherwise, I recommend that you cache information that is important to
> you,
> else where.
> Markus.
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>> Hi,
>> while working with a big project, I had found that I need to
>> lookup some set of AST units.
>> Typical scenario: I had encountered some name reference in a
>> unit and I need to looup for similar references in other units.
>> I have to note that indexer info is not enough for me and I
>> definitely need AST units.
>> Creation of AST unit takes significant time, so I'm
>> considering a possibility to create some cache of the
>> frequently used units (alternatively, I could cache only the
>> data I'm interesing in, but caching of units is more general,
>> isn't it?).
>> Does CDT already have some kind of caching of this sort?
>> Dmitry
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