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Re: [cdt-dev] How to add a listener to the Combo-Box in project's settings (as "Debug Level" combo)?

>> Well, I'll explain. I have this option not only for one tool (compiler, for
>> ex.), but for another (linker as well).
>> I.e. this option must be set for both compilers (C/C++) and linkers (C/C++).
>> Then, I want to synchronize this option for all tools, when the user changes
>> the combo-box value.
> You could also add your option to a toolChain scoped optionCategory.
> You could then use the commandLineGenerator element to provide the
> additional switch to the tools depending on the value of the enum.
> You could always set the optionvalue on the other tool options through
> the IOptionApplicability interface as Wieant suggested (though this
> may or may not do the right thing:

This probably would work as the options are spread over multiple
tools, hence on different pages. As far as I know 161605 is only
applicable for changing options on the same visible page.  

But beside that, I would also strongly suggest to go for the global
toolchain scoped category implementation.

-- Wieant

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