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Re: [cdt-dev] How to add a listener to the Combo-Box in project's settings (as "Debug Level" combo)?


On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 16:51:06 +0400, Wieant Nielander <wieant@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've developed my plugin and defined my own toolchain with new compiler's


How can I add a new listener of changing user's choice to the
corresponding combo-box in project's settings?


If you are interested in a listener that is immediately notified at
the moment the user changes the combo-box value,

That's right!

then you could try
to set the 'valueHandler' attribute for your enumeration option.

Well, I'll explain. I have this option not only for one tool (compiler, for ex.), but for another (linker as well). I.e. this option must be set for both compilers (C/C++) and linkers (C/C++). Then, I want to synchronize this option for all tools, when the user changes the combo-box value.

If you want to be notified when the option is actually being set, that
is after the user presses Apply/Ok, then you could try to implement an
ICProjectDescriptionListener which can be set using something like...

No. IMHO, it's inappropriate, because I may change this option for, ex, C.compiler to first value, for Cpp.linker to second value, then press Apply. And which value set to other tools?..

-- Wieant
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