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Re: [cdt-dev] How to add a listener to the Combo-Box in project's settings (as "Debug Level" combo)?

> Well, I'll explain. I have this option not only for one tool (compiler, for
> ex.), but for another (linker as well).
> I.e. this option must be set for both compilers (C/C++) and linkers (C/C++).
> Then, I want to synchronize this option for all tools, when the user changes
> the combo-box value.

You could also add your option to a toolChain scoped optionCategory.
You could then use the commandLineGenerator element to provide the
additional switch to the tools depending on the value of the enum.

You could always set the optionvalue on the other tool options through
the IOptionApplicability interface as Wieant suggested (though this
may or may not do the right thing:



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