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Re: [cdt-dev] unable to compile file in project

> So while reading "Managed Build System Extensibility Document" I
> came across section 6.1 (Replacing the Makefile Generator) which I
> think is the clue in the problems I am having with the makefile. When
> I create a project I utilize my custom tool chain which basically
> cross-compiles the source code in the project using
> arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-gcc. I was tweaking input and output types for
> my toolChain but without much success (as I understand they play key
> role in creating makefile and all other artifacts, unless I am
> mistaken here). So now I think that I need to provide my own
> IManaIManagedBuilderMakefileGenerator and IManagedDependencyGenerator,
> is this the case in my situation? I was hoping I could resolve this
> problem with some clever definitions in extension point. Sorry if I
> initially I wasn't too sure how to explain my problem correctly.


The makefile you posted earlier contains the following line:
  @echo 'No tool found that can build the extension specified with the
build artifact name $@' 
which would suggest something is not setup correctly in your toolchain
definition. Besides, given your toolchain looks like a gcc derivative, I
doubt you need to write your own makefile generator, so before going
that way perhaps you could post your toolchain definition to see if
something can be fixed there.


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