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Re: [cdt-dev] Created make targets not saved to .cproject

Well, thanks anyway. Seems I'm out of luck here :-(
Does anybody know what I had to do to force a writing of the .cproject to disk, just as the Apply button in the properties does? Maybe there is no easy way, all I found was in the *cdt.internal.* packages and not public.


Schaefer, Doug wrote:
Yes, I'm very afraid to touch this stuff. We may end up creating more
problems than we're solving.

BTW, I'll be starting my e4 work on the platform resource model in a
week or so. One of the things I'd like to lump in with this is build and
solve both at the same time. I think we'll find a lot of the flexible
resource requirements we have are really flexible build requirements. We
should also store build information to avoid these kind of deadlocks.


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