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Re: [cdt-dev] Created make targets not saved to .cproject

I think it's time for an update on this issue. I gathered some more information, but I'm still desperate for some real help, guys.

I must confess, I got totally lost in the CDT code now, and can't find my way out :-(

So, what's the deal? I tried to reproduce the whole problem in the debugger on my PC, but I couldn't. Everything ran fine. So I switched the the Sun workstation with Solaris 10 OS, which is where we saw the problems. But even there, running in the debugger showed no problem. Most of the time. Some times I had the bug again, but it was not reliably reproducible. So I used the most basic debugging tools: System.out.println... That helped! I could reproduce the bug almost all the time, but only on the Solaris machine, never on the PC.

What's actually going on? My code calls MakeTargetManager.addTarget(). With some steps in between (see stack below), that calls CConfigBasedDescriptor.saveProjectData() which should save the new make target to the .cproject file. But it does not, because in CProjectDescriptionManager.setProjectDescription() there is this piece of code:

       //do nothing
// throw ExceptionFactory.createCoreException("description is being loadded");

and more often than not I hit that return statement. So the isLoadding() returned true. Why that? I don't know. Obviously the project description is still in a loading state (but I sdaw that even after a 15 second pause in the startup job), and in this state it can't be written. Even worse, it seems to stay in that state forever then. Even if I create a make target by hand later, it does not get written to the file and is lost after Eclipse restart.

So this is a call for the experts now: How can I prevent this? Who has a deeper understanding of that code and can help? Can I test in any way that the project description is no longer in the 'loadding' state?
Please, please help. Thanks

This is the complete call stack when the isLoadding() condition returned true:

Thread [Worker-3] (Suspended (breakpoint at line 1243 in CProjectDescriptionManager)) CProjectDescriptionManager.setProjectDescription(IProject, ICProjectDescription, int, IProgressMonitor) line: 1243 CProjectDescriptionManager.setProjectDescription(IProject, ICProjectDescription, boolean, IProgressMonitor) line: 1220 CProjectDescriptionManager.setProjectDescription(IProject, ICProjectDescription) line: 1213 CConfigBasedDescriptor.apply(boolean) line: 135 CConfigBasedDescriptor.checkApply() line: 142 CConfigBasedDescriptor.saveProjectData() line: 381 ProjectTargets.translateDocumentToCDTProject(Document) line: 289 ProjectTargets.saveTargets() line: 247 MakeTargetManager.writeTargets(ProjectTargets) line: 270 MakeTargetManager.addTarget(IContainer, IMakeTarget) line: 77 Maketargetbuilder.createMakeTargets(IContainer) line: 152 (Maketargetbuilder is my own class) Maketargetbuilder.updateMakeTargets(ArrayList<IContainer>, IProgressMonitor) line: 228 Maketargetbuilder.updateMakeTargets(IProgressMonitor) line: 211 Maketargetbuilder.access$0(Maketargetbuilder, IProgressMonitor) line: 202 Maketargetbuilder$ line: 39 line: 55

Achim Bursian wrote:
Some more tests: It seems to be a startup timing problem. The problem only occurs if initiated by the IStartup way. If I run it manually with the popup menu, it always succeeds. But once it is run by IStartup, any further popup menu actions show the same problem -> CDT maketarget manager seems to be in an inconsistent state now. Once it even succeeded with the IStartup, but I could not reproduce it next time. That shows me that the code is basically ok, just the timing is not.

My conclusion: the CDT maketarget manager is in an instable state during startup. It accepts the createTarget calls and shows them in the GUI, but it does not save the state to disk. Then, after some time, its startup completes. When adding a new maketarget in this state, everything is fine and the state is persisted on disk. So the main question for me is, how can I determine when the maketarget manager is ready to process requests without problems? Simply waiting for 2 seconds..? Not reliable. Any ideas?


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