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Re: [cdt-dev] dbx debugger support in CDT

Hi Elena,
thanks for your hints.

Elena Laskavaia wrote:
I would not recommend it. I would start with PDA example.
Any specific reason for that? dbx is VERY similar to gdb, and the PDA example seems to be quite different and very basic.
Second choice would DSF gdb/mi implementation.
First look into this gave me the impression that it is not yet stable for a production environment? Am I wrong? We have a team of 100+ C++ developers here, and I have to deliver a (hopefully) stable dbx integration. Stability is more important than the coolest new features...


Achim Bursian wrote:
Pawel Piech wrote:
There actually is a GDB debugger integration based on DSF as well. But for purposes of adapting a new debugger, the PDA example is more manageable, in my opinion.
What about simply taking the code in package org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core as base?

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