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Re: [cdt-dev] dbx debugger support in CDT

thanks for your patience :-) As you can see from my questions, I'm not yet familiar with the debugger architecture in Eclipse. Up to now, I mainly used Eclipse/CDT for C++ developing, and I only wrote some smaller plugins for our environment.

So I'm pretty much dependent on good example code that I can adapt. Maybe it's best to start with the gdb code, as you suggested. If I understand you right, for DSF there would be no fullblown debuger code available yet, which I could adapt, right?

Pawel Piech wrote:
I'm not entirely sure what you have in mind by "CDT will use that"? With debuggers, the case is more that debugger uses CDT and not so much the other way around. There are a few CDT-specific features such as disassembly, breakpoints, various variables views' actions which are in CDT and if you would like to use those you will need to do some work to implement the APIs that they require. If it is important for you to use these CDT features then I would recommend that you do use either the DSF or CDI framework. CDI is also an older framework which implements the standard debug model and allows you to implement a lower-level API (known as CDI). These frameworks do a lot of the work to integrate with the above mentioned CDT features and would save you some work. I don't think there is a tutorial for implementing a debugger based on CDI, so the GDB reference implementation is your best guide.


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