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RE: [cdt-dev] Link Order support for the MBS

And this would be a great topic for the CDT Summit :). We could probably
spend a whole day on build.


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	It has been talked about in the past but never implemented. If
you are interested in contributing this, then by all means you are
welcome to do so, as to my knowledge no one is currently looking at it.
I would suggest circulating your requirements/design document ahead of
time so that people can comment on your ideas for the feature.
	Chris Recoskie
	Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
	IBM Toronto
	 Serge Beauchamp <serge@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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[cdt-dev] Link Order support for the MBS	

	Hi all,
	I am wondering if Link order support, the ability for the user
	specify in which order object files are passed to the linker,
has been 
	planned (or is possible somehow) for the CDT Managed Build
	This has come to us as a requirement from our customers and we
might be 
	interested to work on such feature if nothing else is planned.
	Serge Beauchamp
	Software Engineer
	Freescale Semiconductor
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