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RE: [cdt-dev] Syntax error warning CDT 5.0 (Ganymede)

you need to configure the include search path, otherwise
the parser will not be able to pick up the definitions for the 
macros from the header files. (Project Properties - C/C++ - Paths and

To search for all unresolved includes you can use:
Ctx-menu of project - Indexer - Find Unresolved Includes


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> Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 3:54 PM
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Syntax error warning CDT 5.0 (Ganymede)
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> Dear colleagues
> I switched from Callisto (CDT 4.0) to Ganymede (CDT 5.0) and 
> i have problems with some of its features. Here is one of them.
> Note: My project that comprises of both C and C++ components 
> is a makefile project (previously called standard make).
> Pse look at following code extract:
> --- C code extract ------------------
> error_code
> #if defined PL_OS9
> IEC61850_API_create(IEC61850_API* p_iec_api, char 
> *modul_name,  IEC_API *p_api, u_int32 size_brcb, un_int32 
> size_urcb, u_int32 color) #elif defined PL_LINUX
> IEC61850_API_create(IEC61850_API* p_iec_api, char 
> *modul_name, IEC_API *p_api, size_t size_brcb, size_t 
> size_urcb, void *map_address, int proj_id) #endif // defined PL_OS9 {
> --- C code extract  end ---------------------
> So we have a conditional compilation and code is OK if one (and only
> one) of PL_OS9 or PL_LINUX is defined.
> In our case PL_LINUX is indeed defined. The definition is not 
> here but in some header file and eclipse fails to see that so 
> all code is highlighted as Unused.
> The bigger problem, however is that because of this the code 
> renders as having syntax error so we get warning.
> If it is not possible to instruct eclipse to include headers 
> I would be happy enough to disable this warning.
> How can i do it (disabling Highlight inactive code doesn't 
> remove the warning)?
> Regards
> Ilija Kocho
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