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Re: [cdt-dev] Syntax error warning CDT 5.0 (Ganymede)

Many thanks Schorn, but it didn't help. I added all include directories
(from referenced projects too, including the one which contains file in
which PL_LINUX and PL_OS9 are defined) but no change. It only works when
I explicitly define (one of) them in # Symbols.

I have some other questions regarding Paths and Symbols dialog:

1. What does Export do? Where Paths and Symbols can be exported to and
how do i import there?

2. My project depends on other projects. How do I use references? Can
project inherit Paths and Symbols from referenced projects?


Schorn, Markus wrote:
> Ilija, 
> you need to configure the include search path, otherwise
> the parser will not be able to pick up the definitions for the 
> macros from the header files. (Project Properties - C/C++ - Paths and
> Symbols).
> To search for all unresolved includes you can use:
> Ctx-menu of project - Indexer - Find Unresolved Includes
> Markus. 
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>> Subject: [cdt-dev] Syntax error warning CDT 5.0 (Ganymede)
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>> Dear colleagues
>> I switched from Callisto (CDT 4.0) to Ganymede (CDT 5.0) and 
>> i have problems with some of its features. Here is one of them.
>> Note: My project that comprises of both C and C++ components 
>> is a makefile project (previously called standard make).
>> Pse look at following code extract:
>> --- C code extract ------------------
>> error_code
>> #if defined PL_OS9
>> IEC61850_API_create(IEC61850_API* p_iec_api, char 
>> *modul_name,  IEC_API *p_api, u_int32 size_brcb, un_int32 
>> size_urcb, u_int32 color) #elif defined PL_LINUX
>> IEC61850_API_create(IEC61850_API* p_iec_api, char 
>> *modul_name, IEC_API *p_api, size_t size_brcb, size_t 
>> size_urcb, void *map_address, int proj_id) #endif // defined PL_OS9 {
>> --- C code extract  end ---------------------
>> So we have a conditional compilation and code is OK if one (and only
>> one) of PL_OS9 or PL_LINUX is defined.
>> In our case PL_LINUX is indeed defined. The definition is not 
>> here but in some header file and eclipse fails to see that so 
>> all code is highlighted as Unused.
>> The bigger problem, however is that because of this the code 
>> renders as having syntax error so we get warning.
>> If it is not possible to instruct eclipse to include headers 
>> I would be happy enough to disable this warning.
>> How can i do it (disabling Highlight inactive code doesn't 
>> remove the warning)?
>> Regards
>> Ilija Kocho
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