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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: Make Target View

On 6/30/08, James Blackburn <james.blackburn@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Thanks for the pointers, very much appreciated. I had a problem getting circular dependencies because MakeTarget needs to depend on managedbuilder stuff to get configuration settings.  

Eek. I think in general cdt.managedbuilder depends on cdt.make which depends depends on cdt.core.  You can get the list of configurations from the core ICConfigurationDescription obviously, though if you're trying to get at managedbuilder IConfiguration settings it would suggest that your new make targets view should probably be in managedbuilder... (or that make.core should be absorbed into managedbuilder.core...).

Got the first dirty hacky version working. What I did, I created builder arguments from configuration as you described and then replaced "command" and "arguments" in args with the values from Make Target. This way a Make Target runs in provided configuration. As far as user interface, if you click on target inside a  configuration folder (as on picture from one of prev. emails) it will run in this configuration environment. Other targets (including targets in subfolders) run the old way. This should be sufficient, what do you think?

Avoided circular dependencies for now creating build arguments in ui package, where build action is run. But it looks like this thing is touching architectural issues, to make it right it would probably require some rearragements between cdt.make.ui.core and cdt.manegedbuilder.core and API changes.


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