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[cdt-dev] Re: Make Target View


I've modified Make Target View to allow to display and run such actions as Full Build, Incremental Build, Clean Build for each configuration. If you work with multiple configurations, it could be handy to manipulate these targets. For one, it lets to run a build for a different configuration not switching to it. See attached picture and a patch in bug 238919. Is there any interest in such functionality?

As a next step, I want to tie regular make targets from the view to a configuration. Any idea is much appreciated.



On 6/15/08, Andrew Gvozdev <> wrote:


There is a number of bugs related to Standard Build and Make Target View in particular in Bugzilla. We are using CDT for the most part with Stadard Build and interested in some improvements in this area. I took a look at these bugs to analyse what are the improvements people are interested in. I came up with enhanced dialog, could you take a look and share your thoughts about it? The most significant part is a relation of a Build Target to Configuration and Project Builders. How does it fit to overall concept and does it connect well to Managed Build?

I'd like to know if there is *any* interest in that area, and would appreciate any response. It does not look like there were any developments for quite a bit of time but I am pretty sure that many use Standard Build at large.

Here is the list of bugs:




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