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[cdt-dev] Make Target View


There is a number of bugs related to Standard Build and Make Target View in particular in Bugzilla. We are using CDT for the most part with Stadard Build and interested in some improvements in this area. I took a look at these bugs to analyse what are the improvements people are interested in. I came up with enhanced dialog, could you take a look and share your thoughts about it? The most significant part is a relation of a Build Target to Configuration and Project Builders. How does it fit to overall concept and does it connect well to Managed Build?

I'd like to know if there is *any* interest in that area, and would appreciate any response. It does not look like there were any developments for quite a bit of time but I am pretty sure that many use Standard Build at large.

Here is the list of bugs:

69922: Introduce a "run last make target" key binding
82629: Build After External Tools Run
132980: "build make target" should have menu
132985: make view: "link with editor"
136285: make targets get corrupted
137161: "make targets"-view: allow c&p of targets
151839: Run Commands should be able to depend on "MAKE Targets"
168867: Platform dependant Make Environment settings
168869: Map Build Project (Ctrl+B) to a make target
171814: Create make target dialog could be improved
185823: make targets are not persistent between Eclipse program invocations
198097: Make Target doesn't build if 'Build (Build Incremental)' is disabled
203537: Provide a resource_basename variable for make targets
225841: Clean/Build selected File(s) should make target for not managed project
234558: ${ProjDirPath} is not documented
227591: Eclipse variables does not work in make target view
236186: Make Targets Create/Modify dialog can be fooled easily
236187: Make Target view add/modify dialog is not resizable horizontally.
236227: CDT builder strips quotes from command lines passed to gcc (same thing with Make Target Dialog)



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