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[cdt-dev] content assist not working


I just downloaded the new and shiny Ganymede release, and though I'd try to import our rather largish C++ project into CDT (as a Makefile-project).

Unfortunately, I'm a little disappointed about the content assist. For example:

> std::string foo;
> foo.<HERE>

If I type Alt+/ at "<HERE>", I'd expect to get a list of all methods in the std::string class, but I just get an empty list (I've managed at some time to get a partial list (2-3 elements) of members).

Functions don't seem to be picked up at all. Example:

void my_foo_function()

void another_function()

Content assist at "<HERE>" does not give my anything at all.

I suppose the indexer is having trouble find definitions, but how do I figure out what the problem is.

(I tried switching on "Index all files", but that had no (or very little) descernible effect.)

I understand that C++-indexing is damn difficult (I work at a company making C++-compilers), but it would be nice if the indexer was better at giving feedback about what its doing and indicating what code isn't being indexed properly.


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