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[cdt-dev] Influencing where CDT is looking for include paths


I am using a pre-built index file on a project which does not contain all of the files which were indexed.
All of the files which where indexed are accessible through a network filesystem.
Suppose the index contains a file "a.h" and "b.c" amongst other source files and headers.

When I am copying b.c to my project (and nothing else of the full project which was indexed) and in that file the header "a.h" is used error markers are generated (i suppose this is the case since i have no include path set which points to a location where "a.h" is present) and i cannot open the header using F3.
Opening other classes which are not present in a local source file but on the index works fine using F3 (the paths to the indexed files are completed by a implementation of a IReadOnlyPDOMProvider) - its just on the include paths where this fails.

Is there a possibility to take influence where CDT is looking for includes? I thought about something like:
 * check for headers in a file
 * first look locally if the header is present in the include path settings
 * if not check the pre-built index if the file is present in it
 * if it's present in there use the file which was indexed

Would it then be possible to get rid of the errormarkers in the editor?
Hopefully someone can give me a pointer where to look at, respectively if this is possible at all.

Thanks for your Help!
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