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[cdt-dev] Adding new reconciling strategy with Document Model

Hi All,

I am trying to see the possibility of adding new annotation on th CDT editor. I was going through the code to see how C++ indexer type problem was added to the source code. What I understood from the source code is as follows:

There are 2 reconcilation strategies added a) CReconcilingStrategy ( I think it takes care of finding the CPPASTProblem types in the code ) and b) CSpellingReconcilerStrategy ( That takes care of finding spelling related problems in the code)

Once these two strategies reconcile any change in the documnet model, and generate a list of problems ( of IProblem types), document model ( is responsible for putting the markers at appropriate place.

please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Now according to my requirement , I want to have a mechanism, where any change in document model allows me to call my reconciler strategy, where I will go through the AST and prepare a list of violations problems ( Violations are not syntax problems, but represent breaking of those rules that must be followed, for example, if a memory resource is present in a class , say pointer, it should have assignment operator and copy constructor overloaded, etc ). For finding such problem, I need to go through AST and find the instances of such violations. 
   Will reconcilining strategy be a good point to look into this problem, and first of all, is above explained way of handing is suitable for this problem.

thanks a lot in advance.

That, detective, is the right question. Program terminated.

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