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RE: patch for 234860, was Re: [cdt-dev] How to create a CDTStandard Make Project

Speaking as a vendor using Eclipse as the basis of tools, this is
exactly the kind of thing that I want the Eclipse community to fix. The
alternative is that every vendor creates a different solution, resulting
in fragmentation of the user experience. For common functionality, I
want a common solution, as this is a benefit in reduced training time,
less surprises for an end user, and less development and testing time
for me. My engineers should be focused on my value adds, not on fix-up
of platform omissions for my own distributions. Bug fixes and
enhancements created by my team that benefit the community should be
contributed and integrated into the platform - exactly this case.

Eric Hildum
Senior Product Manager, Mobile Developer Tools & SDK
Software Platforms and Delivery
Ecosystem and Market Development
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Hi Wieant,

My original opinion was very similar to yours, thinking that this is
something the ISV's can fix up.

But then, there are also LOTS of CDT users who take the verbatim free
stuff off -- lots of students, or private programmers. While
agree that Eclipse is a famework for ISV's, I think that it's equally
important to serve the vanilla user community since that's how the
Community grows.

Also, remember that I've originally seen this problem when trying to
create a "CDT Standard Makefile project" which is not necessarily
related to GNU at all, so just fixing up the GNU templates is not
sufficient IMHO.

Martin Oberhuber, Senior Member of Technical Staff, Wind River Target
Management Project Lead, DSDP PMC Member

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> CDTStandard Make Project
> > I have looked at this patch and am of the opinion we should
> commit it.
> > Please take a look and see if you object.  I am awaiting a
> more refined
> > patch from the submitter before I think about committing
> it, but if no one
> > objects to the basic idea of the patch I will commit it
> sometime in the
> > next couple of days (but not before tomorrow morning
> Eastern time in order
> > to give everyone a chance to object).
> > 
> >
> -0.1 for me, as far as I can see it only fixes the issue that there is

> not an 'Empty Project' by default for each project type, but that is 
> something any ISV can already fix using the current template 
> mechanism.
> So my suggestion would be, for now, to go the safe way and just update

> the gnu templates, and to take care of all related wizard issues 
> together after ganymede.
> -- Wieant
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