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Re: patch for 234860, was Re: [cdt-dev] How to create a CDT Standard Make Project

> I have looked at this patch and am of the opinion we should commit it.
> Please take a look and see if you object.  I am awaiting a more refined
> patch from the submitter before I think about committing it, but if no one
> objects to the basic idea of the patch I will commit it sometime in the
> next couple of days (but not before tomorrow morning Eastern time in order
> to give everyone a chance to object).

-0.1 for me, as far as I can see it only fixes the issue that there is
not an 'Empty Project' by default for each project type, but that is
something any ISV can already fix using the current template mechanism.
So my suggestion would be, for now, to go the safe way and just update
the gnu templates, and to take care of all related wizard issues
together after ganymede.

-- Wieant

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