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Re: [cdt-dev] project references set library names (-l) automatically

to update the library paths and include paths, try the below, was very helpful for me.

//@see org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.tests/tests/org/eclipse/cdt/projectmodel/tests/ProjectModelTests.testReferences()
(Thanks to Tracy for the information)

2008/5/26 Chris Recoskie <recoskie@xxxxxxxxxx>:

It's only not implemented because no one has had time to make it a priority yet. If you wish to work on this and contribute it, by all means, go ahead.

To update the library paths and include paths, you will have to traverse the build model for the project and update the option values. There are numerous mailing list/newsgroup/FAQ entries floating around on how to do this so I would suggest looking those up.


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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[cdt-dev] project references set library names (-l) automatically


ref: bug# 229085

if a project A references a other project B (the reference is set in
properties -> C/C++ General -> paths and symbols - > References)
includepaths (-I Compiler option) and librarypaths (-L Linker option)
of the tools are updated automatically but not for the library file
(-l linker option).

I would like to realise that the library names updated automatically as well.

For this I have some questions:

Are there any reasons why this is not implemented yet? I think this
would be very useful.

I had a look on the CDT Source Code (CDT 5.0 M7) but I couldn't find
the mechanism which updates includepaths and librarypaths. Knows
anyone of you something about this? Where would you search for this

thank you

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