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[cdt-dev] User defined build (batch+nmake+makefile+embedded c)

Hello community,
I use Eclipse 3.1 CDT as an editor only for embedded c development (host=WinXP). I build the target (Fujitsu) manually, in a console, using a batch file that sets up the correct path, environment etc. and invokes nmake with a make file. The compiler, assembler, linker, and locator are all console programs. Now I would like to lanch the batch from Eclipse and capture the (error) messages there. Also, it would be nice if there is a compiler error in line 223 of a source file, then jump to this line by double clicking as usual with other IDEs. It is *not* necessary to be able to debug, this would not possible with the micro controller, anyway.
How is this possible in Eclipse? I know, that I need a standard make project. But can I simply launch a batch file from Eclipse and capture the console output? Is there a description of how to setup Eclipse? All what I have found so far describes plugins for one or several special micro controllers. Is it even necessary to write a new plugin for this?
Best regards

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