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[cdt-dev] project references set library names (-l) automatically


ref: bug# 229085

if a project A references a other project B (the reference is set in
properties -> C/C++ General -> paths and symbols - > References)
includepaths (-I Compiler option) and librarypaths (-L Linker option)
of the tools are updated automatically but not for the library file
(-l linker option).

I would like to realise that the library names updated automatically as well.

For this I have some questions:

Are there any reasons why this is not implemented yet? I think this
would be very useful.

I had a look on the CDT Source Code (CDT 5.0 M7) but I couldn't find
the mechanism which updates includepaths and librarypaths. Knows
anyone of you something about this? Where would you search for this

thank you


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