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[cdt-dev] Ideas for Google Summer of Code


My name is Stefan Bucur and I am a student in the Faculty of
Automation and Computer Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest,
in Romania.

As the 2007 edition of Google Summer of Code is oficially open, I
analysed the proposed ideas of many participating organizations, and
drew the conclusions that developing for the Eclipse Project would be
the most interesting and rewarding experience for me.

I currently do much of my Java and C/C++ development using Eclipse,
and from my experience using this platform, I found some ideas of
improvements in functionality and usability, most of them for the
C/C++ Development Tools. These ideas mainly gather around the full
refactoring support mentioned on the GSoC page on

I am writing to this list to ask for help from a (potential) mentor,
to refine my ideas for a CDT project and write a complete and relevant
application for Google Summer of Code with Eclipse. From what I
studied on the wiki and asked on IRC, I haven't found yet any mentor
for CDT, so I hope that someone in this mailing list will help me out
with this. :)

Thank you for consideration,

Stefan Bucur

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