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Re: [cdt-dev] Ideas for Google Summer of Code

Hey CDT Gang

I'm wondering, who has written the "Add full refactoring support to CDT"
in the eclipse wiki (

We at the Institute for Software (IFS) at the University of Applied Sciences in
Rapperswil (HSR) are working for refactoring support for quite long time now.
Till now we had come up with the following results:

CERP - update site:
C++ Refactoring for CDT -

We really are looking forward to get our stuff into the CDT. But we know, that
you have pressing time constraints at the moment.

Greetings Guido

Stefan Bucur schrieb:

My name is Stefan Bucur and I am a student in the Faculty of
Automation and Computer Science, University Politehnica of Bucharest,
in Romania.

As the 2007 edition of Google Summer of Code is oficially open, I
analysed the proposed ideas of many participating organizations, and
drew the conclusions that developing for the Eclipse Project would be
the most interesting and rewarding experience for me.

I currently do much of my Java and C/C++ development using Eclipse,
and from my experience using this platform, I found some ideas of
improvements in functionality and usability, most of them for the
C/C++ Development Tools. These ideas mainly gather around the full
refactoring support mentioned on the GSoC page on

I am writing to this list to ask for help from a (potential) mentor,
to refine my ideas for a CDT project and write a complete and relevant
application for Google Summer of Code with Eclipse. From what I
studied on the wiki and asked on IRC, I haven't found yet any mentor
for CDT, so I hope that someone in this mailing list will help me out
with this. :)

Thank you for consideration,

Stefan Bucur
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