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[cdt-dev] Code Style: add spacing options -- raise a bug?

Dear CDT development community,

let me start by congratulating you on the achievements made in CDT 4.0 (which I downloaded a few days ago). I was stunned and very happy to see the features I've been dreaming about for quite some time :)

For some works, I have to deal with code that was written ages ago, with very strict code style guidelines, nothing I can do about, you surely know how it's like ;) My point is, that some of these guidelines cannot be met with the settings "Code Style" provides -- as example, I need to have additional spaces between opening and closing parentheses, like this:

void foo( int something );

Eclipse's Bugzilla seems to prefer no bugs submitted over too many of them, which is why I ask here if I should raise a bug report on this issue. I was looking for an option to mark it as enhancement (as opposed to a bug, which it truely isn't), but failed ignominiously.

A pointer to the next steps is highly appreciated.

Keep up the good work! :)


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