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Re: [cdt-dev] A minimal implementation of a language in Eclipse

Yes, Jeff Overbey and Spiros Zanthos gave a tutorial at EclipseCon 2006 (a
year ago!) on building an IDE for the "eightbol" language
by modifying CDT.
Since then, the contributions of them and others have generalized CDT to
make it work for an additional
language without modification of the base CDT.  Thus Photran (for the
Fortran language) became based on CDT without modification, just extension.

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Another article you might find interesting is the Eightbol project here:

To quote:
create an IDE
for a new language by extending the Eclipse CDT.  The Eightbol IDE can be
recreated from scratch in about an hour, complete with Outline view,
support, CVS support, and other advanced features.
>       I want to first thank Beth, Doug, and Mike for their assistance.
> I have contacted SAFARI per Beth, also mindful of Doug's comments, and
> printed out the article series "Create Commercial Quality Eclipse IDEs"
> that Mike recommended.  I also took a brief look at the list of articles
> in the Eclipse Articles Corner and downloaded the Power Point
> presentation "Join the Conversation".  I found that article extremely
> interesting, and at that time I care to inquire if you can refer me to a
> means of starting a conversation about the Mozart-Oz integration.  I do
> have a mailing list set up for the project, but have not put it to use
> yet (no advertising).
>       Another point that the article brought up is that of Eclipse being
> a "meritocracy", i.e. people are judged by the merit that they bring to
> a project.  Quite frankly, I am looking for people to lead the Mozart-Oz
> project.  I am proud to propose it and work towards understanding what
> needs to be done to implement it, but quite frankly I lack experience
> (although I am actively seeking it).  I am self conscious posting to
> mailing lists because I feel like I am masquerading as someone that I am
> not.  Maybe that feeling will go away in time, but right now I feel
> uncomfortable and unsure of myself (although your kind responses have
> provided my with some confidence).  Again, is there a venue where I can
> have that conversation?
>                                                                Thanks
> kindly,
> On 3/4/07, *Mike Kucera* <mkucera@xxxxxxxxxx
> <?mailto:mkucera@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     This article series is interesting:

>     There are a bunch of other articles on the IBM developerworks site
as well
>     You might also want to look at the source code for the Haskell and
>     I wrote a small lambda calculus interpreter in Mozart-Oz when I was
>     Mike Kucera
mkucera@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mkucera@xxxxxxxxxx>
>                 "Craig Ugoretz"
>        <>
>                 Please respond to
developers list."
>     Hello,
>         I am thinking about helping a software community implement their
language in Eclipse.  The name of the language is Mozart-Oz, and its
below is an
queried it.  The
list (I think
deals with the C
what must a person need to do produce a
language in Eclipse per what Carolyn has
point me in a direction in regard to what
what type of artifact should be produced first?  Also,
not the correct venue for such a discussion, where may I post to?  Thank
you for very much for any assistance you may be able to provide me.
>     Sincerely,
>     Craig,
>     Here's more info on what SWT is:
>     If you are serious about developing an Eclipse plugin for any
people, who
a programming language plugin is a huge undertaking,
to think about many issues: editing with syntax highlighting,
compiling, debugging, etc.
components in the base of
need new functionality in eclipse itself,
provide patches for and present your case for
language for programming in
>     The CDE newsgroup is: news://
>     You need to create a password to use it - this is to discourage
>     Good luck, and hope this helps.
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