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RE: [cdt-dev] MBS (IManagedOptionValueHandler) questions

Hi Derek,


Please see my answers embedded below.




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Subject: [cdt-dev] MBS (IManagedOptionValueHandler) questions




Note: I think you're going to hate this as I'm using this extension in a way

that wasn't planned...


In the plugin.xml have added an additional field to a compilers optionCategory,

like this:


    name='Paste area'








I am using the OptionValueHandler to allow a user to paste tool options into a

field which is then parsed to set the tool options in the properties GUI. This

means I can copy and paste options between configurations and correctly set the

properties GUI to match. This is working.


The first question is that I would like to add this field to the main compiler

page (under 'expert settings'), rather than one of the sub-pages. Is there a way

to do this?

[Mikhail] It is not possible to extend/contribute to the main compiler page currently.



The second question is that after I have parsed the options, I wish to clear the

entry field in the GUI. I am able to clear the value using

(option.setValue("")), but this is not reflected in the GUI until I switch from

the page and switch back again. Is there a way to get the entry field to be


[Mikhail] The MBS functionality does not have the change notification mechanism currently. That is why MBS GUI has to refresh contents of each page to ensure that proper “live” values are displayed. Currently the refresh is performed in the following situations:

1.    the page/tab becomes visible

2.    the value of some UI property of the page gets changed


If you need some more flexible mechanism of UI contents update we might consider changing/enhancing the current MBS UI refresh mechanism.










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