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[cdt-dev] MBS (IManagedOptionValueHandler) questions


Note: I think you're going to hate this as I'm using this extension in a way that wasn't planned...

In the plugin.xml have added an additional field to a compilers optionCategory, like this:
   name='Paste area'

I am using the OptionValueHandler to allow a user to paste tool options into a field which is then parsed to set the tool options in the properties GUI. This means I can copy and paste options between configurations and correctly set the properties GUI to match. This is working.

The first question is that I would like to add this field to the main compiler page (under 'expert settings'), rather than one of the sub-pages. Is there a way to do this?

The second question is that after I have parsed the options, I wish to clear the entry field in the GUI. I am able to clear the value using (option.setValue("")), but this is not reflected in the GUI until I switch from the page and switch back again. Is there a way to get the entry field to be refreshed?



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