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[cdt-dev] InputOrder element

  For my toolchain (built on MBS 3.0.2), I have a requirement where a tool should
be invoked first (before the C compiler tool).
As I understand, the order of invoking tools is primarily dependent on the order/sequence
of inputType (s) to the target tool (linker in this case).
From what I read, the "InputOrder" element should be useful.
So, I added an inputType element (ordered 1st) for the linker (with build variable=PSM_FILE, which matches that of the outputType for the bool tool).
To this, I added an inputOrder element with:
But this results in strange behaviour.
Building my project stops at an empty file.
Am I using the "inputOrder" element in the correct manner?
Or is it that support for this element is not present in 3.0.2?
I currently work around this problem by adding $(PSM_FILE) an 'additionalDependency' for the 'C compiler' inputType.
But this is not at all optimal, since it results in rebuilding *all* C sources for a change in $(PSM_FILE), even if the
corresponding .d didn't deem it necessary.

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