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RE: [cdt-dev] Offline indexing followup


 this was what I took from the discussion also. I'm hoping to start prototyping adding binding placeholders to the PDOM this week so that a project PDOM can symbolically reference bindings held in a separate PDOM. Once this is working, then I'll look at the mechanism for determining which component indexes make up the logical project index.

We also discussed where remote indexing fits in with this work, and my take on the conclusion was that it would sit at a different layer - i.e. remote indexing would not be purely RPC on the same interface as being defined for local use.

If any committers have bandwidth to review the b-tree patch in
then this would make the prototyping work easier to contribute back for review, as ideally I'd like to build upon those changes.

If needed, then we can host indexing discussions in 2-3 weeks time. Maybe on the 19th/20th to follow on from the smartphone show (also in London).


Andrew Ferguson
Software Engineer, PTD, Symbian
skype: andrew.ferguson

cdt-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 27/09/2006 09:29:46:

> Hi Ken,

> From my point of view the outcome was:
> We agreed that we will combine the regular and the offlinie indexes
> at the point where

> queries are made into the PDOM. The current plan is that I create an
> API around the

> existing PDOM that shall make it easier to implement the algorithms
> for combining

> multiple PDOMs on top of it. I am currrently working on this.
> Markus.
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] Offline indexing followup

> I left for the airport last Thursday afternoon just when the offline
> indexing discussion was in full swing so I’m wondering how it ended
> up. Is something in the works or is there another discussion or call
> planned? I had to leave just as Doug had drawn some really promising
> looking rectangles on the white board...
> Thanks – Ken
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