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[cdt-dev] Problem Loading executables.

I created a project where I mentioned the root of workbench directory
to the point where the project directory starts building. Eg: The
makefile is in /AA/BB/CC/makefile and the debug folder where all exe are
updated are in "/AA/BB/CC/compile/x86_linux/debug".
  I tried doing [project name] - [import] - [C/C++ Executable] - [Next}
which gives following:
  Select Executable & Select Directory. When I select Executable and
try loading the executable from above /debug folder, the executables are
not found but rather other files are found. When I try using other
option of Select directory, I go to the extent where the executable are
available but I do see the exectable files but I can't load or select.
  Any clue what went wrong.

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