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[cdt-dev] CDT: Running a script .sh file.

I created a project in CDT workbench by having this following steps:
  1. [File] - [New] - [Project] - [C/C++] - [Managed C/C++ Project] - [Name of
      Project] - [Finish]
   2. I go to the project name, right click on it and say -[Import] and I enter the
       ".sh" file to be imported but I get following error -
      "An error occured while parsing the project set file: Content is not allowed in prolog"
I wish to import a file from a path of folder.(A/B/C/.sh). This script sets the environment varibales for the window console where build has to take place. This script directly calls the make file after setting the environment variables.
Any clue plz.

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