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[cdt-dev] Appending an include path


I would like to programmatically appending an include path to CDT.
I am aware of Mikhail Sennikovsky's recent comment about using
org.eclipse.cdt.make.core.ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile and
then associating it with a toolChain::scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId.
I am not using a Standard or Managed Project, nor is there a tool
chain; no compilation or make, either. I have a custom project and CDT
is only being used internally for parsing C++ code.
How can I append an include path to CDT? This path must be editable,
so I can not hard code it.
Is there a simple way, such as via a method call somewhere, to do it.
What are my options?
Or must I jump through all of the extension hoops?

Ben Monroe

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