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[cdt-dev] Some findings for I200605151430 as RC1

Hi folks,
now I have also resorted to checking out the entire CDT HEAD in order to
be able make some testing for the RC1. Probably no need to stress that
the website should be fixed soon. Otherwise we are getting rid of all
those testers who don't have CVS access.

Here are two findings

1) I noticed that when searching for declarations / references via the
editor's context menu the identifier to search for must now be selected
(e.g. by double-clicking on it) in order to get any search hits. In the
past it was sufficient to just rigth-click on the identifier. I am not
sure if this is intentional or by accident. Personally I would prefer
not having to double-click before being able to search.

2) I tried the fast indexer on my pet qhull project and noticed some
strange behavior when there are closed projects in the workspace. See for details.


Norbert Ploett

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