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[cdt-dev] Why was AbstractCLaunchDelegate.getProgramArgumentsArray() made static?

Hi folks,

I was using the fact that getProgramArgumentsArray() is an instance
method. I overrode it in my own launch delegate class derived from
LocalRunLaunchDelegate so I could twist the program arguments in
addition to what LocalRunLaunchDelegate was doing for me. Like so:

public class MyLaunchDelegate extends LocalRunLaunchDelegate  {

	public String[] getProgramArgumentsArray( ... )  {
		super( ... );
		// put twisting code here

In this way I didn't even have to override the launch() method since the
LocalRunLaunchDelegate was perfect for me, apart from the twist ... :-)

In later revisions (i.e. from 1.40, checked in by Mikhail Khodjaiants
:-) ) the method was changed into a static and the check-in comment does
not give a profound reason. But static methods cannot be overridden. 

Can I have my instance method back? Any opinions on that? (Huh,


Norbert Ploett

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