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Re: [cdt-dev] hierarchical projects

Hello all,
This is a follow-up to my mail about "hierarchical projects" that I sent last week and to which I got an aswer from Mikhail Sennikovsky (I am still reading the documents in and At first sight what is described there would be ok, but as it is only foreseen for CDT 4.0, I tried in the meantime to make do with a simple Standard Make Project. The facilities offered there seem to be ok; I can have have a project with a top level Makefile that recursively calls make on more deeply nested Makefiles for subprojects, from the window "Make Targets" I can activate them individually... if I have defined them. Is there a way to have the CDT parse those Makefiles and define the targets that are explicit in the Makefiles from the start ?

Sennikovsky, Mikhail wrote:

Hi Camille,

We are planning to introduce a new project model for the CDT 4.0 that
will among the other things allow specifying per-folder settings and
multiple targets for one project.
See the bug# and
also presentation on the new project model we made on the CDT Summit,
March 2006 in Santa Clara

If you have any suggestions/comments feel free to add them to the above
mentioned bugzilla.


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Hello Everybody,
Is there any plan for implementing a special kind of C/C++ managed make project creation in Eclipse: projects that may contain (in general any number of) sub-projects of the same type. The setting of options at the level of the master projects would automatically be propagated to the sub-projects, ... The requirements could go on, but the question for now

is: is there anything like that planned ?

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