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[cdt-dev] EclipseCDT debugging -> too slow


I'd like to ask you about your experience and opinions. From my point of view, debugging a C++ program in Eclipse/CDT is too slow.

E.g. jumping into inherited constructor takes 1-2 seconds, method calls and switching to other source, again some seconds...

I'm running, but it was so also in 3.0.1something... I have tried moving from Blackdown jvm to SUN's (1.5), but nothing big changed, maybe a little speedup.

I'm running on 2GHz centrino with 1G Ram, so that should be no problem. On MS windows it runs somewhat faster, but maybe that is also just a feeling.

Any way to speed it up? Hope Intel's Core DUO and 4G ram is not the only way. For example, I can see 10 of 40M heap size, maybe extending it? Or?


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