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RE: [cdt-dev] hierarchical projects

Hi Camille,

We are planning to introduce a new project model for the CDT 4.0 that
will among the other things allow specifying per-folder settings and
multiple targets for one project.
See the bug# and
also presentation on the new project model we made on the CDT Summit,
March 2006 in Santa Clara

If you have any suggestions/comments feel free to add them to the above
mentioned bugzilla.

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Hello Everybody,
Is there any plan for implementing a special kind of C/C++ managed make 
project creation in Eclipse: projects that may contain (in general any 
number of) sub-projects of the same type. The setting of options at the 
level of the master projects would automatically be propagated to the 
sub-projects, ... The requirements could go on, but the question for now

is: is there anything like that planned ?

                                     (o o)
Camille Breeus

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