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[cdt-dev] Pb with the indexer

Hi all,

I hope that I'm on the good mailing list ...

I'm trying to use Cdt on my project.

I've the sources that are in a folder under version control (clearcase) :
/my/path/to/source/subproject1 (etc.)

I've a "working area" where the binary are compiled :

I've also the following links in the working area :
that is a symbolic link to /my/path/to/source/
/working/area/path/subproject1/src that is a symbolic link to /my/path/to/source/subproject1

We have our Makefile.
I tried to set the workspace to /working/area/path and create a new project subproject1 so I can automatically get the sources and configure simply the make targets in eclipse.

My problem is that the indexer doesn't seem to work :
- in a first pass, I had several messages telling that indexer could not index source file because it was not compiled (yet the objects exist).
- in a second pass, it parses the sources but "open declaration" and "open definition" do not work... (no error message displayed)

Did I missed something in the project configuration ?

Thx and happy new year :)


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