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[cdt-dev] About Cygwin and MinGW compiler setting on Windows

Hi all,

Recently, i'm using the CDT + Eclipse for some fun. I find that the CDT seems to search the Windows Registry with [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cygnus Solutions\Cygwin] and get the root info of the Cygwin. because i want to use the MinGW's toolsets, and I have the cygwin installed some day. this makes some mistake, all the applications i built all link to the cygwin1.dll, which is not what i really want. And i must rename the cygwin directory to another name to avoid this, the the cygwin works not properly. ;-(

so why not make an dialog to let the user chose which compiler toolset he wants to use, like the "Installed JRE" in Java do?? we might have the "Installed GCC" setting, that must be much more convenient.;-)

Best regards,
Richard Meng
Hisilicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

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