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RE: [cdt-dev] Code completion: Handling parentheses the smart way

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> the smart way
> Hi Roman,
> > IFunctionSummary, I think that continuing using 
> IFunctionSummary for 
> > all different kinds of information is just a bad design. I think it 
> > would be
> I think it would help a lot to rename IFunctionSummary to 
> IItemSummary for clarity. I can do most of what I want with 
> the existing code. Just the name is misleading.
> > any way, and since nobody seems to use the CDT help 
> facilities really 
> > extensively, let's change it. Not so
> I'll do my patches for in-house use and will be happy to 
> contribute them but not everything that is good for me is 
> good for the community. Let's see what the result of this 
> discussion is. :-)

As one of the people who had a hand in making the hover help/code 
completion in the earlier days of CDT, I can tell you that this whole
section of code _does_ need an overhaul to catch up with the current
state of the Eclipse world and also to adapt to the much greater
capabilities that the CDT framework offers today.

The initial contribution point was done as a bridge since so many
OEM systems already provide function/library API help documentation.
It was specfically geared towards _functions_ and not data types,
structures, variables or other definitions.  Shoehorning that capability
into it is not a good idea.

I haven't looked at this area for well over a year now, but there 
had been a number of good suggestions in the past.  Keeping the idea
of third party contributable information sources is good, but we
also need to have a solution that resolves conflicts (ie javadoc/doxygen
source comments vs contributed comments?) and is broader than just
function information.

Thomas ... slowly coming back online to CDT development after a hiatus

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