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FW: [cdt-dev] CDT Remote Development - Plugin by Hewlett-Packard

Hi Raphel,

	We've just released a plug-in that does exactly this sort of functionality (remote edit , compile & debug). 

	Please visit the website,1703,8556,00.html or	
	for more on this plug-in.

	Currently it is limited for HP-UX and Integrity servers as the target machine. But it will be straight forward 
	to extend to x86 Linux as a target. 

	We will be making the sources available shortly. 

Balasubramaniyan Krithivasan (Bala)

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> Raymundo
> Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 5:38 PM
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> Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT Remote Development
> I am interested in developping a solution/documentation to deal with 
> the remote compilation issue.
> I AM NOT AFFILIATE WITH THE CDT PROJECT. (I Like the project and wold 
> like to be, but i'm still not affiliate)
> I would like to start this new project as part of CDT, if possible, 
> but i don't know if it's within the project focuses. If the CDT 
> Coordinators have any interest on that, please contact me, so that we 
> might work together for the benefit of all.
> In my environment i have a windows box and wish to compile on a remote 
> linux box.
> The proposed solution will compile through ssh on the remote host, so 
> it becomes platform independent.
> Access to the gdb debugger should come in the next version. 
> The first one will be for remote COMPILING.
> I will need some help with this, some more developers and people to 
> try the solution.
> If possible, someone from the CDT team to help us with CDT integration 
> issues and help on coordinating actions for the succes of the project.
> This is a proposal of Development. Please e-mail me if you think you 
> can help.
> We will be setting up the initial Team until January 7 2006. 
> (it's next
> week) and all the interaction and development will be done remotely, 
> through Internet.
> At the end of the week, the project page will be up and running, to 
> concentrate all the dev issues.
> If you cannot help directly, participating on the Team, please send 
> any ideas. We will close the first draft for the project on January 14 
> 2006.
> If you have any more doubts, please contact me directly through the 
> mail below, with subject: U CDT RDT.
> (stands for Unnoficial CDT Remote Development Team)
> Thanks for your attention.
> Raphael do Amaral Raymundo
> Computer Engineer
> Campinas, Brazil
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> Yahoo! doce lar. Fa├ža do Yahoo! sua homepage. 
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