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[cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-patch] Reloaded: Displaying thread names in debug view

Hi Stefan,

thanks for your reply and the references which I studied and which added a lot 
of background for me.

> Your patch seems to assume that thread names from the output of "info
> threads" are in the form "Name: <name>", which is not true on all
> platforms.

Yes, my pragmatic rationale was 
- Provide a solution that works on the platforms I know of
- Take care that things don't get worse for other platforms (I trust that my 
code will just nicely return the empty string for platforms which don't have 
the same pattern for encoding the name, it won't throw exceptions or do other 
nasty stuff)

and leave improvements for more platforms to others who need it.

As it is now I'll go by patching CDT until the extension point that Mikhail 
mentioned is in place, then I'll contribute my modified command factory.



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