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Re: FW: [cdt-dev] CDT Remote Development - Plugin by Hewlett-Packard

Hi Bala,

Thanks for your reply.

I will take a look at your plugin, and what i really need is to use my remote server to compile using a ARM cross compiler (the server is x86 based and have the cross compiling tools already installed).

If you need some help on developping or testing your changes, please let me know and help you.

Raphael do Amaral Ryamundo (Amaral)
Innovatech Telecom.

Krithivasan, Balasubramaniyan (STSD) escreveu:

Hi Raphel,

We've just released a plug-in that does exactly this sort of functionality (remote edit , compile & debug).
	Please visit the website,1703,8556,00.html or	
	for more on this plug-in.

Currently it is limited for HP-UX and Integrity servers as the target machine. But it will be straight forward to extend to x86 Linux as a target. We will be making the sources available shortly.
Balasubramaniyan Krithivasan (Bala)

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I am interested in developping a solution/documentation to deal with the remote compilation issue.

I AM NOT AFFILIATE WITH THE CDT PROJECT. (I Like the project and wold like to be, but i'm still not affiliate)

I would like to start this new project as part of CDT, if possible, but i don't know if it's within the project focuses. If the CDT Coordinators have any interest on that, please contact me, so that we might work together for the benefit of all.

In my environment i have a windows box and wish to compile on a remote linux box. The proposed solution will compile through ssh on the remote host, so it becomes platform independent. Access to the gdb debugger should come in the next version. The first one will be for remote COMPILING.

I will need some help with this, some more developers and people to try the solution. If possible, someone from the CDT team to help us with CDT integration issues and help on coordinating actions for the succes of the project.

This is a proposal of Development. Please e-mail me if you think you can help.

We will be setting up the initial Team until January 7 2006. (it's next week) and all the interaction and development will be done remotely, through Internet.

At the end of the week, the project page will be up and running, to concentrate all the dev issues.

If you cannot help directly, participating on the Team, please send any ideas. We will close the first draft for the project on January 14 2006.


If you have any more doubts, please contact me directly through the mail below, with subject: U CDT RDT.

(stands for Unnoficial CDT Remote Development Team)

Thanks for your attention.

Raphael do Amaral Raymundo
Computer Engineer
Campinas, Brazil


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